It’s Hot.

As a warning to anyone I may ever come into contact with in the summer: I am a miserable b when I am hot (with a capital B). I just REALLY REALLY HATE being hot. My mom constantly told me the story of how in the dead of a Mid-Atlantic winter I would be in the back of our truck screaming ‘I’m hot! I’m hot! I’m gonna frow up!’. I was the cutest child, right?

Not dealing with ANYONE circa '91.

Not dealing with ANYONE circa ’91.

Last night I went on a Discovery Run with my run club. A little background: every Tuesday Nike Bucktown goes on a discovery run throughout the neighborhood ending at an undisclosed location. Sometimes it will be a bar, a workout class, a restaurant… who knows! They’re really awesome ways to socialize and also explore new businesses.

We ran a 5k and I finished in 27:01, which I wasn’t mad about, especially for being SO MISERABLY HOT. We arrived at our location and there was not a single part of my body exempt from sweat (sorry, y’all).

That red is au naturale

#NoFilter #TheRedisReal

I really don’t understand why I’m single…

To remain on topic, we ended our run at Jus Juus (just juice), where we sampled a smoothie and a juice, and heard from the manager, Olivia, and owner, Marquese. It was really inspirational to hear about how both of them got to where they are. Olivia has lost over 60 pounds and Marquese is an Ultra runner!

Marquese (in yellow) talking to our group.

Marquese (in yellow) talking to our group.

and now to enjoy Chicago’s beauuuuutiful weather today…


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