HELP ME & Weekend Workout Recap: NTC @ Logan Square

It’s here! It’s here!

scared baby

Marathon training kicks off TODAY. This is certainly how I’m feeling: a little scared and a little maniacal. Did I really sign up to run 26.2 miles? I did. And now I need to train for that. AHH. Luckily, I have a really great marathon crew to train with and because I’m training with everyone who is running Chicago, I’ll (hopefully) be prepared by the time Philadelphia comes around. We’ll see…


As I mentioned last week, NTC is traveling around to different neighborhoods in Chicago to deliver music-themed workouts. This week took us to Logan Square and was Throwback R&B themed. I was in HEAVEN. Do you know how hard it is to do mountain climbers when all you want to do is shake your butt, though? (Answer: really hard). I dragged my roommate with me, which was great, because afterwards we treated ourselves to a pitcher of sangria.

The group tricep dippin'

The group tricep dippin’


Mid-workout 'I wanna die' selfie

Mid-workout ‘I wanna die’ selfie


Obligatory pose on the NTC structure.


Literally as soon as we were done the workout it started to rain. So thankful it held off!

Three of my friends (hi, Agnes!) won a workout MVP prize. Because the husband of one of the winner’s was out of town, I got to play back-up husband! They all received $25 Uber credit and an invitation to The Whistler, which, according to their website is “a bar, gallery, record label, and venue that hosts live music and DJs seven nights a week.” I’ve had friends DJ there before and it gets PACKED! We came earlier in the evening and tried three drinks each plus locally made nuts from Mama’s Nuts (the provencale garlic almonds were my favorite). I want to play back-up husband more often!


(L-R) Me!, Lee, Agnes, Cindy

Sunday was spent lounging outside and coming back with about 1,038 more freckles. OH WELL. Gotta embrace ’em, right?


What’s your favorite cocktail (edit: alcoholic or not!)?



4 responses to “HELP ME & Weekend Workout Recap: NTC @ Logan Square

  1. What a fun weekend with NTC Emily 🙂 Great marathon training run last night too. I’m glad you got to join the MVP’s for the cocktail experience on Saturday. Oh, I do love me some Amaretto Sour. When I was in grad school, I told my roommate then that I don’t drink alcohol at all and she recommended Amaretto Sour because it’s pretty much juice – continues to be my backup drink when all else fails.

  2. MARATHON TRAINING YEAH!!! I’m supposed to be started already and yeah…injury. Awesome. So for the time being I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂 It looks like you had an awesome weekend! And I am a wine drinker. 🙂

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