City Girl Gone Country


I am possibly the worst blogger ever. I wish I had a good excuse, but I’ve mainly been drinking a lot of iced coffee and recovering from Nashville.

Casually lounging with iced coffee.


Let me put it out there: I loved Nashville. The more I visit southern cities, the more I’m tempted to live in them. I love Austin, New Orleans, and now Nashville… so I’m seeing a little theme.

I had an absolute BLAST and also was reunited with two loves of mine: Yuengling and TastyKakes. I may have screamed a little in Publix when I realized both of those delicacies are a thing in Nashville. I also went on the Belle Meade plantation tour (they have a winery!), Yazoo brewery tour (they have a delicious hefeweizen!), ate chicken from Hattie B’s (hot!), and ate a lot more delicious food. I even managed to get a run in on the 4th.


It was a not-so-quick 3 mile run. I really didn’t know how I was going to finish because these hills were HARD and it was h o t. Seriously, I give an incredible amount of props to anyone who runs hills (and in the heat) on a regular basis. I think everybody already knows how incredibly flat Chicago is and how we have to Google search where hills are. Yup. THAT sad.

Basically how I felt.


I know hills are so good for training, but THEY ARE SO PAINFUL. I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do for my marathon training, but I’m pretty sure hill & speed work should be included…

I have my first 10k coming up in a couple of weeks! I’m running the BTN Big10k, which is stupid exciting because University of Maryland joined B1G on July 1st and so now I get to run and rep Maryland. (Side note: I didn’t go to UMD, but with the amount of friends I had/visited there basically makes me an honorary terp). I bought these running shorts from Route One Apparel to wear:


I have some Maryland flag socks, too, so…. no judging please.


Did you go to a B1G school? If not, do you root for any B1G school?
If none of the above, do you have any races coming up?


6 responses to “City Girl Gone Country

  1. Welcome to the Big 10! Sadly I’ll be out of town on the day of the 10k so I can’t rep University of Illinois :0( And I definitely don’t have anything as snazzy and school-spirited to run in as those shorts! Work em!!

  2. LOL, that first pic of you is hilarious. I didn’t know iced-coffee was a thing as I’ve only heard of iced-tea (probably because I hate coffee and like tea although I hate ice-tea…lol). I wish I could run the Big10K race. I bleed scarlet & grey (GO BUCKS)….THE Ohio State University. The Big10 is the best conference ever!

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