Rain Ruins Everything

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but this has been the weirdest summer (or winter for some!) ever. The heat, thankfully, hasn’t been unbearable but the amount of rain, fog, and gloom we’ve had is just far too much for my liking. Plus there is a rumor about another polar vortex!? No, thank you.


I was pretty bad about running this past week. Before Sunday, I hadn’t run since Tuesday.




Thursday, which is normally my non-negotiable I’m going to run club day, I skipped in order to attend an event at Nike. They were launching the Pro Bra Collection, so they held an event with bra fittings, appetizers, and drinks! I found out that I’m actually a B cup and not a C… sooo there’s that. And it’s not TMI, right? We’re all friends here.

We had a panelist of trainers & athletes to talk about their experiences, likes, dislikes, etc etc about sports bras. You might recognize a face or two (or more!)

L-R: Kate Hiippaka (Nike Master Trainer); Courtney Vandersloot (Chicago Sky PG); Julianne Sitch (Chicago Red Stars MF); Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnast)

L-R: Kate Hiipakka (Nike Master Trainer); Courtney Vandersloot (Chicago Sky PG); Julianne Sitch (Chicago Red Stars MF); Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnast)

Friday night I was my usual lame self because I was planning on going for the 6:30am 10 mile run I had with my marathon crew, but the run was cancelled due to storms supposed to be happening in the morning. Instead I went right to the NTC Summer Tour workout in Pilsen (one of my favorite Chicago neighborhood’s!). Normally the workouts are outside, but this one was in the newly (re)opened Thalia Hall.


Look at us… working out.


It was a latin-inspired workout, so we were also taught how to salsa in between some of the exercises. I wish more classes were like this! I loooove dancing.

On Sunday I knew I had to run, but I really didn’t want to. I attended a Marathon Nutrition Training class at Fleet Feet, but by the time all was said and done it was WAY too hot to be running. I’ve learned my lesson running in the middle of the day. My friend Cindy asked if I wanted to run with her in the evening and I knew if I had someone waiting for me, that is the only way I’d go. What started out as MAYBE running 5 miles, turned into the full scheduled 10 miles. I felt so good! I’m not sure if I should’ve increased my mileage that much (I haven’t run more than 5 since May!) but I feel pretty good today.  And… I got a pretty sweet picture out of it:

10mile run


Pretty freakin’ happy with my pace, my energy level, and myself for doubling what I wanted to do!



Did you run this weekend? How was it?

If not, how is the weather where you are?!


4 responses to “Rain Ruins Everything

  1. I’m in Chicago and you’re right, the weather is the WEIRDEST.
    I ran on Sunday morning- 9 miles! It was great to get that under my belt, but I felt pretty awful for the last two miles… and for the rest of the day. Hopefully it’ll just get easier from there? :0)

  2. Awesome 10 miler! I, too, have not run more than 5 in quite some time and I have a 12 mile race in 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get myself well enough and bump my mileage enough to actually do it. I love that wheel picture!

    • Thank you! I’m also sure you’ll be FINE! I was nervous about going from 5 to 10 (as I mentioned), but I felt pretty decent in the days following. The 10 miler this past weekend is a different story though…

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