What’s in Your Gym Bag?

Because I’m going to show you what’s in mine.

Be warned, though. I am using the term “gym bag” preeeeetttyyy loosely. You see… this is my gym bag:


I can't say no to basset hounds.

I can’t say no to basset hounds.


I’m still looking for a cute, non-expensive gym bag. If you have any suggestions, please. Let me know.


As for what’s in my bag, I have:

whats in my gym bag

1. The Stick  – probably the BEST thing I’ve ever purchased. This is only 19 inches, so it’s super portable (could you imagine me carrying my foam roller around everywhere?) which is really useful when I’m sore. I take it to work (almost) every day. Yesterday it was passed around a bit, too…

2. Saucony Mirage 4 – lovelovelove these shoes! I went into my local Fleet Feet and told them I loved my Brooks Ravenna’s, but they were heavy. I wanted a lightweight stability shoe and this is definitely a great one! Plus, I love the black and pink.

3. Clinique Makeup Bag – My friend gave me this (it was free), but I make sure to have my essentials in here! Mini deodorant, toothpaste, face wash, make up, mini body glide, hair ties, etc. I would be very lost if I forgot this bag.

4. Nike Dri-Fit Touch Breeze Tank – So many of the ladies in my marathon crew and run clubs wear this tank or tee and I finally sucked it up and bought one. I’m in LOVE. So light weight and such cute colors! The one I have is ~medium mint~. I really want the cobalt one, too.

5. Nike Hand-Held Water Bottle – According to their website this is for kids. OH WELL. I’ve kind of realized I hate my hydration belt, but knew I needed something with me to keep me hydrated as it warms up here. I took it for my 10 miler on Saturday and really enjoyed it! It didn’t bother me, I could stick all of my cards/keys in the front pocket. A+. Will run with again.

6. iPhone Running Arm Band – I bought this off of groupon, but don’t remember the name or anything. Woops.

7. Nike 4″ Rival Running Shorts – I just bought these and haven’t run in them yet! They’re super cute and comfy on, but we’ll see after tonight how I like them during the run.


In other news… I’m running the B1g 10K this weekend! I have my outfit all picked out…

maryland outfit

My roommate and I also played “How many Maryland/east coast things can Emily hold?” I managed to hold three plus make a necklace out of a wooden Maryland cut-out I have.


What’s in YOUR gym bag?

Do you love your state enough to have a whole outfit about it?


2 responses to “What’s in Your Gym Bag?

  1. THAT OUTFIT! THE BEST!!! Do other states have as many state related clothing options as we do? We definitely have the best flag. 🙂 Your gym bag is about 1000x more organized than mine is. You have all the essentials, but I bet you don’t have Thomas trains! Be jealous. 😉

    • I don’t think so! I have never seen any other state as obsessed with their flag (or themselves, really…) as much as Maryland is.

      I don’t have any Thomas trains (in my gym bag), unfortunately! But I was given one for my 18th birthday from my cousin. He saw the ‘Emily’ train and thought of me :’)

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