What Happens When You Combine a Breakup and FOMO?

“Trust that your dots will connect in the future.”

While laying in savasana a couple of Wednesday’s ago, my yoga teacher read the above quotation aloud and it had stuck with me ever since. Too often I’m concerned about ‘HOW?!’ ‘WHY!?’ right at this exact moment. But one thing I’ve learned is that, there is a reason (and if not, I will make a reason).

Prior to 2014 I had run 2-3 races, but was never a really big runner. From September-November of 2013 I was training for a 15k and at MIDNIGHT on the night before the race (y’know, when I had to be awake in 4 hours), my boyfriend broke up with me. Clearly, I was upset. I couldn’t fall asleep and that stressed me out even more because HELLO, I HAVE A RACE. I was really hoping all of the emotions I had would cause this to be my fastest race, like, ever. Some way, some the speed Gods would bless me and I’d and be cheetah-fast… for 9.3 miles.

And you know what?

I was not even close to cheetah-fast (I was shocked, too, don’t worry).

Not only did the puffiest eyes to ever exist happen to be documented via my race photos, but I also ran the slowest I ever have since I had started to run. A race is a race and I’m happy I was able to finish, but I was pissed. I was mad a race I had really been training for, my longest distance at that time, went so poorly because of a BREAK-UP.

So, I decided to make up for the awful 15k and sign up in January 2014 for a half-marathon. Thanks to NTC/Nike Chicago/Nike Bucktown, I found not only a group to train with, but a support system. I was able to take that anger and hurt and actually use it constructively. Never in one million years did I think I would run at ALL and now I can call myself a marathoner. That feels cooler than anything. This never would have happened if it weren’t for that break-up. I didn’t know how the dots would connect, but they did in an incredible way.


post-marathon glee.

As I mentioned in my last post, race season is here! In celebration, I’ve officially signed up for Milwaukee’s Rock ‘n’ Sole Half Marathon in June and the BTN Big 10k in July! I’ll also be participating in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge through my work aaaandddd…..

Once again, FOMO got me. Two of my best work friends entered and it made me want to do it again. Maybe I need to remind myself about those 10+ mile runs at 6:30am from July-September…


3 responses to “What Happens When You Combine a Breakup and FOMO?

  1. Ooooo good luck with the lottery!!! Chicago is on my list of to-dos. I’ve heard such amazing things about that race! I hope you get in. 🙂

    Also what a jerk for breaking up with you the night before a race! Or even at all!

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