first, funnest, fastest: nike+ run club relaunches in chicago

The first time I ran with Nike’s run club, it was horrendous. I was already nervous about running 5 miles, so when we hit mile 4 and were definitely more than a mile away from our start point, I swore I would never run with Nike or a run club ever again.

It took me a month, but I came back.

From then on, I was running with the Nike crew weekly. At my peak, I would be there 3 times a week (Tues/Thurs/Sat). I was a little bit of a nutcase, I admit, but the support system is AMAZING and I still am so thankful for all of these wonderful people who are in my life!


On June 3rd (National Running Day!) Nike relaunched their run club and celebrated with a kick-off event at their downtown Chicago location.


Runners were split based on which distance they chose (3 or 5 miles) and their pace. What I love about the run club is they have pacers for almost every pace! Many people are scared of run clubs because they feel they aren’t fast enough — DON’T BE SCARED! Someone will run with you. No matter what.


After the run, we were introduced to the N+RC coaches. This is where I was truly impressed with the program. There are four coaches: Robyn LaLonde, Andrew Adelmann, Emily Hutchins and Chris Wehrman. What I heard repeatedly was how similar this Nike training program is to high school and college track programs. They aren’t messing around.

Each coach brings a different training perspective that encourages you to be your bestThey aren’t going to be afraid to tell you when you are slacking, when you can go further, or when you can go faster. They aren’t going to be afraid to tell you when you absolutely crushed a workout and have grown so much. The coaches are here for you every step of the way.


After the event, I had the opportunity to sit down with the coaches, Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein and some fellow bloggers to discuss the program more in-depth. Runners will be offered a variety of workouts:

Speed Runs: Speed training helps all runners, no matter your preferred pace. Get faster and stronger with a mix of speed and intensity.

H.I.T. AND RUN: Improve your overall endurance, speed, balance and mobility with this hybrid workout.

HOMERUN: Bring your friends, and get ready to make new ones. When you run with this crowd, there’s a place for everyone.

THE LOCAL: Discover new sights, sounds and tastes as we explore your hometown together. We’ll take it easy and have some fun along the way.

THE LONG RUN: You bring your social skills. We’ll bring the music, snacks and support you’ll need to go the extra miles.

READY SET GO RUN: In less than an hour, our experts will get you mentally and physically ready to begin a lifetime of running.

Cross-training is something I, personally, am awful at doing and I know a lot of other runners would say they are, too! HECK, even Dathan mentioned how much he hates cross-training. Alas, it is necessary if we want to remain injury-free. So, in addition to the other fitness classes Nike offers, their H.I.T. and Run class is sure to be popular with runners and hold them accountable for cross-training.


Photo courtesy of Jeana from

Ready to run? Click here to sign up for classes. The calendar opens every Sunday at 2pm CT, so be sure to register quickly! Space fills up fast.


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