tuesday’s are for speed

June was a weird month.

  • My brother married one of the best people in the world.
  • I ran a race that wasn’t AWFUL, but wasn’t great.
  • I went to Baltimore, Lancaster, Milwaukee and New York.
  • I was able to celebrate two of my best friends Golden Birthday’s!
  • I finally was able to realize how important integrity is to me and my relationships.

PSA TO EVERYONE: Being nice is cool. Being mean is not. The end.

In less vague news, IT’S JULY! June was the highest mileage I’ve had since the marathon! It feels so good to be back and running. I ran the Milwaukee Rock ‘n’ Sole Quarter Marathon on June 13th and up next is the BTN Big 10K on July 25th. GO MARYLAND! Here’s a throwback to last year’s race:


You will always be the ACC to me. My distaste for Duke will never go away.

Speaking of… my brother and sister-in-law got a puppy! His name is Duke. After the university. I know. HOWEEEEVER, this little nugget is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life and I’m legitimately afraid for when they have a child because I miiiiiight like the dog better. Can someone help me out here?

But really, look at him.


Moving on.

Tuesday night I joined Nike+ Run Club for their Tuesday night track workout. This was my second time participating and UM, why did no one tell me how great and fun track workouts are? As soon as I’m tired, it’s over! IT’S GREAT!  Plus, this track is close to my house and nothing I do ever is. I’m about it.

When you sign up for the speed workout, you also choose a group based on your 5k time.

Red/Sexy – 27-30+ min

Yellow – 24-26 min

Green – 20-23 min

Blue – 18-20 min

Purple – Sub 18 min

Literally, there is a pace group for everyone. If you think you’re too slow, don’t let that stop you. You’re not.


Photo courtesy of Nike Chicago

The first time I did the speed workout, I joined the group based on my current 5k time (around 27/28 min). What I learned was you should actually choose your group based on your GOAL 5k time. Don’t get crazy with it, though. I’m sure a lot of us would put our goal at a sub 18, but if you’re in the yellow group… maybe just go to green.

I joined the red group, but kept finding myself trying to pass the pacers and feeling like I was at approximately 60% effort. For the second half of the workout, I switched to yellow and THAT’S where I should’ve been the whole time.

Last night, after checking in, I received my yellow wrist band and was ready to go.

In true Bill Bowerman fashion, the workout started at 6:36pm (he did this to prevent tardiness).*

We started out with a light jog to warm up (my app said it was 0.87 miles) and then we went through a series of stretches and drills to warm up even more. Coach Adelmann rreeaallyy stresses the importance of warming up, which I feel many people just completely ignore. I can’t stress how much I appreciate it.


Photo courtesy of Nike Chicago

We then broke off into our pace groups and were given a rundown of the workout:

800m (600 @ 10K + 200 @ 5K)

600m (400 @ 10K + 200 @ 5K)

400m (200 @ 5K + 200 @ mile)

200m (100 @ 5K + 100 @ mile)

200m (100 @ 5K + 100 @ mile)

400m (200 @ 5K + 200 @ mile)

600m (400 @ 10K + 200 @ 5K)

800m (600 @ 10K + 200 @ 5K)

90 seconds rest in between each

So thankful I was in the yellow pace group. I’m definitely paying for it today. Shout out to our pacers, too, for keeping us on track (ha ha) and motivated. We had the largest group, but there were no issues.


Photo courtesy of Nike Chicago

We ended the workout with a quick cool down lap, some stretching, snacks and a group picture.


Photo courtesy of Nike Chicago

Come join me! Sign up at Nike.com/Chicago – there are 75 slots and this past week we had our biggest group yet!

*OK, I don’t know how true it actually is, but I’ve been told the story multiple times, so I’m going to pretend like it is. There’s your disclaimer.

**Another disclaimer: Nike is not endorsing me for this post in any way. I legitimately love this workout and want everyone to run with me. So do it.


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