the hardest hill to climb: recovery week

With June’s rough ending, I knew I would immediately have to bring in better vibes for July. Last week I took a break from running, disconnected from social media for a bit, and focused on myself. Physically and mentally.

As a runner and overall masochist, I am horrendous at recovering after running. If I’m on my own, I will do a couple of stretches, take a shower and call it a day. If I’m with a group, I usually ignore stretching altogether and focus on the eating part of recovery. It’s important!!!! But as much as I love to eat, I also know I need to stretch and foam roll :””(

Yoga Loft Chicago

As a person, I am also horrendous at recovering from things that get me upset. I dwell. It’s not good and it’s something I’m actively working on… hence, my recovery week.

On Monday I finally was able to visit the new Gold Coast location of Yoga Six. They have two other locations in Chicago and I’ve been meaning to try them out, but with this new studio opening a 10 minute walk from my office, I mean…. there was quite literally no. excuse. to not go.

I took the Y60 Deep Stretch class with Tori and HI, HELLO, I’M IN LOVE. If you say recovery yoga, I’m there. There is nothing I love more than some good ‘ol deep stretching (ok, that is a lie but I do enjoy it). The room was heated which surprisingly didn’t bother me despite my complete hatred for being hot. I left the class completely blissed out and a little more at peace mentally. And with the way my hips felt.

Wednesday, I killed some time in between work and meeting up with friends at Energi Fitness for their Knead and Stretch class. It was only 30 minutes but completely focused on recovery mainly using these bad boys:

I hate them. I was also definitely NOT almost in tears while rolling out my hamstrings. Never….

To round out the week, I met a co-worker at Yoga Loft Chicago for Amanda’s 7am Power Hour class on Friday. Shoutout to Carolyn and my Catholic guilt because when I woke up I really didn’t want to get up. I was about two seconds away from saying ‘FORGET THIS’ and paying the $25 cancellation fee, but… the guilt. Thanks, Carolyn. Thanks, Catholicism.

The class was a nice mix of vinyasa/restorative yoga and perfect for 7am. I was not any less tired (this has more to do with the 1am bed time versus the class) but I did feel lighter and ready for the day. Plus, I love having friends in my classes. I’ll take what I can get!

what do you do when you need a break from your workouts? or your BRAIN?

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